Welcome to the National Coding and Robotics Competition

Experience the electrifying showdown as Ghanaian schools compete fiercely in the National Coding and Robotics Competition, igniting passion for technology and shaping future-ready skills.

A Different Kind of Competition

Join us in the most exciting journey into the world of STEM education.

The National Coding and Robotics Competition is a platform designed to inspire young minds, foster creativity, and ignite a passion for technology. Our mission is to equip students with the skills necessary to shape the future.

Why Participate?

Empower Students

Provide students with hands-on experience in coding and robotics

Educational Impact

Enhance STEM education through engaging challenges

Build Skills

Develop critical thinking, problem solving and team-work skills


How schools can Join

Prepare Your Teams

  • Assemble teams based on the competition categories.

  • Access educational materials provided on the website.

Engage in Trainings

  • Attend workshops and training sessions organized for participating schools.

  • Prepare students for the competition challenges.

Participate In Regional Rounds

  • Join the regional qualifying rounds in your area.

  • Showcase your students' skills in coding and robotics.

Advance to National

  • Top-performing teams from each region will advance to the National Championship.

Benefits for Participating Schools



Schools and educators recognized for their commitment to STEM



Connect with other schools and educators passionate about STEM



Win exciting prizes for top-performing teams


Opportunities for students to earn scholarships for further education in STEM fields

Event Structure

Qualifying Rounds

Regional competitions leading to National Championship

Coding Challenges

Engaging tasks meant for each category

Robotics Showdown

A thrilling showcase of innovative robotics projects

Primary Division(Grades 1-3)

Introduction to basic coding concepts

Junior Division(Grades 4-6)

Explore fundamental coding and simple robotics

Robotics Showdown

A thrilling showcase of innovative robotics projects